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Adverts, Walkthroughs, Promotions

Video Production

Concept, storyboarding, shooting & post-production


Here is where we go over initial concepts with you, and put together a rough idea of what will be needed in the finished product. We will discuss possible shots, the overall video concept and purpose, audio and style.


This is where the video starts to come together. The storyboard will highlight the flow of the video and will give an idea of what the finished product will look like.


The script is the written version of any voice-over, or text that will need to be applied to the final video. It will be timed so that the desired words actually fit the length of the video and sound natural. There is usually often a lot less time for text to be read than is anticipated, so a script can help iron out issues before they crop up in editing, saving time and money.


This is where we take all the shots necessary from the storyboard and what we have agreed in pre-production and put them into action! Any audio will be recorded at this point too.


This is where the shots and audio and titles and special effects all come together to make a rough edit for sign off to make sure the client is satisfied with the direction the whole production is taking. A final edit will then be made, and signed off for delivery.


Being an advertising company that produces video, we can help with all aspects of promotion, from getting the finished product delivered in the right format to advertisers, to setting up a Youtube account and creating Youtube advertising campaigns, or simply embedding on your website or in an email template. If you are going to have a video, it makes sense to have as many people as possible see it!