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Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy & Goals

Social media is used to build, retain & engage a relevant customer base.

Facebook for Business

Facebook is the social media juggernaut that can immeasurably help your business branch out online. We can advise on the correct way to set up and manage your Facebook business presence to achieve your goals, communicating special offers, increasing your audience, or figuring out who is reading and responding to your posts for market research.

We also offer advice on Facebook Advertising, which can help boost posts, or sell products beyond your current audience. We advise on how to handle difficult clients and complaints, and what type of ‘personality’ your business might seek to cultivate online. Having a business presence on Facebook ought to give your customers a great idea of what it will be like to deal with your company in the real world, both before any sale and afterwards.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is a different animal to Facebook, but for the right businesses it can be a very good way of communicating immediate and relevant information to your customers. It is arguably a lot easier to set up and dive into than Facebook and allows you to easily keep abreast of the latest happenings in your industry as well as let others know about yours. Tweets can easily be written and sent, giving timely information about your business to your customer base. Examples might include changes to timetables, opening hours, emergencies, rooms available, last minute offers and more.

Google+, Pinterest, Ello, Myspace & More

There is a whole lot more to the social media world than just Facebook and Twitter. Some specialist platforms might be better for your business. Have a chat with us about what social media strategy would best suit your business. We have a good handle on the majority of major and niche players. Ask us what will work for your business!