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SEO, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) & Social Media Management Strategies

Getting your business out there online is very similar to marketing it in the real world. People have to be told it exists and then they have to be told why they ought to visit it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is part of the marketing that businesses have to do to be prominent in the online marketplace. SEO is constantly changing as you might expect, as marketplaces change, welcoming new businesses in the same field or accommodating businesses who are growing rapidly. This of course includes your competitors, and if you are doing less than them to ensure your business is competitive, then the results will bear this out.

A comprehensive SEO strategy includes on and off page factors, makes proper use of metrics, and is not a one-off fix in most cases.


Pay-per-click is the online equivalent of print advertising, but, unlike print advertising, is trackable and cost-effective. The dominant platform in the world of PPC is Google Adwords, but Facebook advertising and Youtube advertising, along with Bing can also be considered useful, depending on the nature of your business. We have significant experience with global pay-per-click campaigns, with a specialty in Google Adwords, and a wide experience in many different markets with tourism as a main focus.

Social Media Management

Not all businesses need the extra community that social media can bring, but for some businesses it will be an invaluable string to their bow, allowing customer engagement and advertising through a medium that requires an investment of company time and not money. We set up social media strategy to achieve business goals, such as increasing a relevant customer base, strategies to ensure consistency in voice, and engagement. We also handle the delicate matters surrounding when a customer uses social media in a potentially negative way and how to turn this around to your business advantage. Social media can make all the difference, and is a highly cost effective way to market your business in a measurable way.