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Print Design

Print Design

Elegant & effective graphic design for business

We specialise in elegant and striking print design for online & magazine advertising. Our philosophy is less is more. There is usually just one message that an advertiser wants to get across, and we like to focus on that, visually & textually and cut out unnecessary fluff.

Our portfolio focuses on using a single striking image with a complimentary slogan, reducing the amount of information the audience has to process in order to grasp the idea behind the advertisement.

We deliver our print designs based on a strict information hierarchy. This means that we treat the print elements in order of importance. If the advertisement is designed to generate phone calls, then the phone number will need to be given design prominence. If the address is an unnecessary part of the design we will leave it out. This reduces the amount of useless information and increases the effectiveness of the design.

Come and have a chat with us about how we can maximise the effectiveness of your print ads or graphic design work.